Pleasant Pops Pleasant PopsPleasant PopsPleasant PopsGO THERE: Pleasant Pops
1781 Florida Avenue NW (north of Dupont Circle)
(or visit one of their farmers’ market stations)

FROM THE THERE: Pleasant Pops was born in 2009, because we really liked traditional Mexican ice pops called paletas and couldn’t find any in Washington, D.C. When we created Pleasant Pops we wanted to combine the Mexican tradition of fresh fruit ice pops with local and sustainable agriculture from the greater D.C. area… We now have over 100 flavors, all of which are original recipes made from locally sourced fresh fruit, veggies, herbs, and dairy.

WHY YOU SHOULD GO: Summer is coming and with it a lot of heat and humidity (at least in this neck of the woods). Summer equals hot; popsicles = less hot. It’s pretty much that simple. Wouldn’t popsicles be a great treat at summer wedding?