Changing up today’s around the table to feature a few of my favorite gold pieces. These aren’t necessarily meant to go together but each would made a perfect addition to your tabletop. Who am I kidding? I’d totally rock a fully gilded table setting.

around the gilded table

1. High ball and double old fashioned glasses // 2. Oneida flatware //

3. Oval dotted platter // 4. Golden rim bowl // 5. Jonathan Adler wine decanter // 6. Gold foil napkins


You don’t need a reason to party, but from time to time I’m going to give you a good one. Then I’m going to suggest the essentials: what to eat, drink, bake, make and wear.

Reason to party: College Football!If the first college football Saturday of the season isn’t a reason to party, I don’t know what is. Get the gang together for a  tailgate at home. Send out a schedule for the day, including what games will be featured. If possible, set up a few viewing areas so guests can catch various games. Ask everyone to bring a dip while you provide the main course, drinks and dessert.

EAT: Wings are an essential part of the game day experience. Pizza is delicious. Why not combine the two for a wingless buffalo chicken pizza?

DRINK: No need to get fancy. The people want beer while watching college football and the people shall have it.

BAKE: Beer ice cream chocolate chip sandwiches. There isn’t much else to say.

MAKE: Make favors with the faces of your guests’ favorite mascots.

WEAR: Swap your typical college tee for a dress in your team’s colors. It seems like an appropriate way to usher in a new season. Plus it’s August and hot outside.

So what will you be doing on August 31st? More importantly, who will you be routing for?


Ice cream and cocktails seem like a great way to enjoy the last few weeks of summer. How is it August?

Around the Summer Table // Emily Hill Events

1. Party Tub // 2. Color Pop Glasses // 3. Linen Napkins // 4. Metal Ice Cream Scoop // 5. Latte Bowls // 6. Glitter Teaspoon Set // 7. Porcelain Sugar Cones // 8. Floral Tray

Let’s start with some party tubs for the beverages and the ice cream. Adorable color pop glasses for the drinks and porcelain sugar cones for the dessert. Big red bowls for an array of ice cream toppings and a pretty platter to keep it all organized. Add friends for a casual but fun night in. Happy weekend!


Go There // Baked & WiredGo There // Baked & WiredGO THERE: baked & wired
1052 Thomas Jefferson Street NW (Georgetown)

FROM THE THERE: At baked & wired, we handcraft our baked goods in small batches. For us, quality is far more important than quantity and by baking in small amounts, we are able to assure you that our products are the best. Having only one store allows us to focus on quality rather than production. We take extreme pride in what we make, both at the kitchen and at the store.

WHY YOU SHOULD GO: There are a few great places to find cupcakes in Georgetown, but baked & wired is my favorite. It’s an adorable bakery meets coffee shop featuring bars, brownies, cakes, cookies and pies, in addition to those delicious cupcakes. I’ve had several clients use their baked goodies, all to rave reviews. Go there!


Here’s a little last minute inspiration for your upcoming Father’s Day celebration. Dads are great and they deserve pretty things too.

around the father's day table // emily hill events1. Raw wood placemat // 2. Stacking plate // 3. Accent plate // 4. Wooden serving set // 5. Spots and scribbles napkins // 6. Black and white platter // 7. Faceted wood bottle stopper // 8. Clear pitcher // 9. orange ramekins // 10. Windowpane glasses // 11. Sleek playing cards // 12. Horse cake plate

I associate orange with my dad and I have two theories as to why: one, it’s the color of our favorite sports team (Go Pokes); two, it’s the signature color of Home Depot. Regardless, a pop of orange mixed with neutral and natural elements makes a perfect Father’s Day set up.

I love that the black and white tray mimics a papa’s tie and the windowpane glassware (I can’t get enough of Kate Spade Saturday’s home line) makes me think of a shirt my dad wore to work when I was a kid. My father isn’t specifically into horses (and they actually terrify me) but that cake plate is insane. Those orange ramekins would be perfect for serving desert a la mode. Finally, dads like games (at least mine does) so playing cards are fun addition.

Happy Daddy’s Day!


baby shower buttons // emily hill eventsA few months ago, I helped with a baby shower for a mama and her little one (who happens to be my future niece or nephew). The afternoon was filled with treats, fun games, and guesses about whether the babe will be a Miss. or a Mr.
baby shower // emily hill eventsbaby shower // emily hill eventsbaby shower // emily hill eventsbaby shower // emily hill eventsbaby shower bar // emily hill events

mini fruit pizza bar // emily hill eventsbaby shower // emily hill eventsbaby shower // emily hill events

baby shower // emily hill events

Team girl and boy buttons were designed by Emily Hill Events and made here. Striped straws and berry baskets were purchased here. Cupcakes and cookies were from McArthur’s Bakery in St. Louis (and they were delicious).

P.S. More ways to use buttons here!


Buttons are my new favorite party accessory. I recently used them for a baby shower and a friend’s graduation brunch. They’d be great as wedding party favors or escort cards too!

Graduation Buttons // Emily Hill Events Baby Shower Buttons // Emily Hill Events

“People can get a cheeseburger anywhere, okay? They come to Chotchkie’s for the atmosphere and the attitude. Okay? That’s what the flair’s about. It’s about fun.”

'I Make Parties' Flair

I order my flair from this Etsy shop. They’re so nice and work quickly. Plus their buttons are cheap (hence the name) but great quality.


Astro Doughnuts & Friend ChickenAstro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken Have you had breakfast?

GO THERE: Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken
1308 G Street, NW (near Metro Center)

FROM THE THERE: At Astro, we satisfy your inner cravings for two all-American favorites: fried chicken and doughnuts. Call it an astronomical clash of two iconic comfort food classics, exploding on the DC scene together. Our chicken and doughnuts are prepared daily and on-site by our fry master, Chef Jason Gehring. Expect an artful and whimsical touch to Astro’s daily rotation of doughnut flavors with nostalgic flavors like peanut butter and jelly or dessert-inspired renditions like crème brulee. Astro is the brainchild of longtime friends and native Washingtonians, Elliot Spaisman and Jeff Halpern. They are as excited as you are to share their love for fried chicken and doughnuts with Washingtonians.

WHY YOU SHOULD GO: I can’t speak for their fried chicken, but I tried Astro’s maple bacon doughnut last weekend and I’ve been dreaming of it ever since. You must try one. Their doughnuts would make a perfect dessert table addition or late night wedding reception snack. Or maybe throw a fancy doughnut party?


One of my favorite parts of putting together any gathering is the table. Whether it’s a formal dinner or a buffet, the table is where everyone converges. It’s also a great setting (table setting, get it?) to add special touches.

Around the Valentine's Table

1. Round felt placemats // 2. Black + white checked napkins // 3. Mr. + Mrs. place card holders // 4. Gilded flatware 5. BLACK ACRYLIC CHARGER // 6. DVF DESERT PLATES // 7. BLACK + WHITE STRIPED DINNER PLATES 8. VOTIVE CANDLE HOLDERS // 9. CAKE PEDESTAL // 10. CHAMPAGNE FLUTES // 11. DIY FLOWER ARRANGEMENT // 12. CANDLE STICKS


This Valentine’s day setting is black + white classic with hints of red and pink, lots of gold and a little humor. It would be great for a romantic date for two or dinner with friends.

I love those round placemats which provide the perfect hint of Valentine’s Day’s signature colors. And how great are those place card holders? I’d stack all three plates to start things off. Then the stripes in the plates get to play with the checks on the napkins and everyone’s having a good time.

You gotta set the mood with lots of candles in varying heights. The cake pedestal is essential because how can you not have desert on Valentine’s Day? Ditto for champagne. DesignLoveFest gives great advice on creating a unique flower arrangement that fits this setting perfectly.

So what do you have planned for Valentine’s Day?