glitter rules.

I have some great clients whose upcoming wedding involves lots of shiny gold details (a couple after my own heart). Accordingly, I’ve been working with a lot of glitter over the past few months. I love glitter but more times than I care to admit I have looked in the mirror and thought, “Oh hey, you have glitter on your face.” The remnants of these projects will be with me for a long time.

Here are some tips I’ve learned about working with glitter.

  1. Do not play with glitter near your computer.
  2. If you get a cut while playing with glitter, you should stop and clean the wound before proceeding.
  3. When traveling with glitter, pack it securely in a zip lock bag, a Tupperware container or, and this is most highly recommended, double packed in both a zip lock bag and a Tupperware container.
  4. If you feel a sneeze coming on, step outside of the glitter area.
  5. Before bringing glitter into your home, be sure your domestic partner(s) really like you.
  6. Do not bake cookies within 24 hours of playing with glitter.
  7. Do not eat out of a community bag of chips while playing glitter.
  8. If your friend despises glitter, do not invite this friend over to your house before, after or during glitter play time. A month buffer period is preferred.
  9. Tile grout is the enemy of glitter.
  10. While you may not, your dog will look cute with glitter on its face.

Glitter rules. Proceed with sparkly caution.