Lots of fun heart-shaped DIYs floating around the internet lately. These are some of my favorites and they’d be perfect for a Valentine’s Day soiree. Also I need these cocktails in my life. Valentine's Day DIYs

 1. Conversation Heart Balloons // 2. Mylar Treat Bags // 3. Heart Pillows //
4. Giant Heart Balloon Art // 5. Pom Pom Heart Cake Topper // 6. XOXO Cookies 



Reason to Party: Pumpkin Carving

I haven’t carved a pumpkin in years but that’s exactly what I’ll be doing this weekend. This is an easy way to get together with friends before Halloween. Invite guests to bring their own pumpkins and drinks to share while you provide the foods and carving supplies. Here’s what to eat, drink, make, bake and wear to your pumpkin carving soiree.

EAT: This chorizo fondue served in a pumpkin bowl looks incredible. Serve with seasoned pretzels, roasted pumpkin seeds and a hearty soup.

DRINK: I know it’s tempting to serve pumpkin ale (which would be fine) but since you have a lot pumpkiny things happening, try some local beers or your favorite wine.

BAKE: Again I’d resist the pumpkin temptation and bake something that reminds us all how much we miss trick or treating.

MAKE: Create a pumpkin carving score sheet or download mine here.

WEAR: The carving will likely need to be done outside so a cute jacket is necessary. Just make sure not to get pumpkin goop on your pretty things.

Now I need to figure out how to carve Miley Cyrus’ face on a pumpkin.


You don’t need a reason to party, but from time to time I’m going to give you a good one. Then I’m going to suggest the essentials: what to eat, drink, bake, make and wear.

Reason to party: College Football!If the first college football Saturday of the season isn’t a reason to party, I don’t know what is. Get the gang together for a  tailgate at home. Send out a schedule for the day, including what games will be featured. If possible, set up a few viewing areas so guests can catch various games. Ask everyone to bring a dip while you provide the main course, drinks and dessert.

EAT: Wings are an essential part of the game day experience. Pizza is delicious. Why not combine the two for a wingless buffalo chicken pizza?

DRINK: No need to get fancy. The people want beer while watching college football and the people shall have it.

BAKE: Beer ice cream chocolate chip sandwiches. There isn’t much else to say.

MAKE: Make favors with the faces of your guests’ favorite mascots.

WEAR: Swap your typical college tee for a dress in your team’s colors. It seems like an appropriate way to usher in a new season. Plus it’s August and hot outside.

So what will you be doing on August 31st? More importantly, who will you be routing for?


There are so many cute DIYs floating around this time of year. (Get it? Floating, like in the pool? See what I did there?) I hope to tackle some of these over the next few months. What are you making for your next summer soiree?

Summer Party DIYs

1. Striped Tablecloth by Oh Happy Day // 2. Geometric Hanging Gems by Jayne Weddings & Events on 100 Layer Cake // 3. Light Up Popsicle By You Are My Fave // 4. Ombre Painted Wooden Spoons by SAY YES TO HOBOKEN // 5. Pool Noodle Garland on Sugar and Cloth // 6. Painted Chargers from Hank and Hunt on JULEP.



I haven’t slept enough in the last 72 hours to eloquently explain Amber and Scott’s wedding. Amish country, a full car, a few nerves (that were mine), a stunning bride and really fun family and friends made for an amazing weekend.

Thanks so much to Amber and Scott for allowing me to put the details of their special day together. I can’t wait to share more when sleep brings words and the real photographers bring legitimate shots. For now, here are some instagrammed photos to hold you over.

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My new life plan:

1. Think of all the art/craft projects* I liked doing as a kid.
2. Do said projects but class them up a bit.
3. Post them on Pinterest.
4. Become a famous trendsetting crafter.
5. Live happily ever after making macaroni necklaces, things decoupaged with magazine cutouts and popsicle stick houses.

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One of my favorite things to do is make cards. This one time I stayed up all night to make Christmas cards, left the back door open while spray painting and got robbed at four o’clock in the morning. But that’s really another story for another day.

Here are some of my recent card making adventures that didn’t include being robbed.

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It all happened very quickly. I was in Gap last month. I bought a men’s plaid button down. It had an unfavorable white trim, but it was on sale and cuter than the women’s offerings.

“I could paint that trim,” I thought on the way out of the store.
“But that would be weird,” I countered myself.
“No, I will most certainly try to paint it,” I continued. “I shall do it this very night.”
“And it will be gold!” I exclaimed.

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