Happy Anniversary, EHE!

It’s been an especially reflective new year as I anticipated Emily Hill Event’s first anniversary. It was a year ago today I launched the website and made this adventure official. Holy wow of a year.

I had imagined a million scenarios of how the year would go (I could be a huge hit! I could fail instantly! I could go broke!), but nothing prepared me for 2013’s extremes. The unbelievable high of booking a new client. The feeling actual high after an 18-hour on my feet workday. The self doubt. The worry. The feeling proud, like prouder than maybe ever. The learning lessons, most the hard way. The freedom and independence. The newfound confidence.

Thanks to the fun clients who made it possible and the most supportive family and friends. I already like you, 2014. Lots of new and exciting things coming this year and I couldn’t be more excited.

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