Loving this simple way to brighten up party invites.

Wanting to go camping and needing that picnic basket.

Thinking these treat wrappers are adorable.

Needing to throw another baby shower so I have an excuse to make this tablecloth.

Enjoying pink wine.

And the many fun ways to serve bubbly.

Plus this frozen gin + tonic.

Deciding which temporary tattoos to buy (at 50% off!) to celebrate Tattly’s birthday. Wouldn’t they make the cutest party favor?

Moving slowly on the blog this summer but staying busy over here.


Loving this so much.

Pinning pretty veils and repining a lot of these dudes.

Being inspired by these party gems (especially that piñata, or these).

Feeling a lot of feelings about the HIMYM finale.

Needing to host a soiree worthy of this giant beach ball DIY this summer.

Wishing there was a real Grand Budapest Hotel.

Throwing a baby shower next month and loving these tips and party details.

Wanting all the Meri Meri things.


Getting very excited about this party product line.

Loving the mismatched bridesmaid dresses from this beautiful wedding.

Absorbing all the good advice from last week’s After the Jump podcast.

Wanting to make everything Megan makes after trying my hand at her french silk pie.

Dreaming about spring clothes.

Thinking this is great brunch hosting inspiration.

Needing to jazz up some envelopes (yes, needing).

Listening to this playlist on repeat.


Thinking this is a great hostess gift idea.

Getting excited about this weekend’s birthday party.

Listening to this slow jammed cover more times than I can count.

Pinning a lot of pretty wedding dresses.

Laughing at these contemporary dance moves.

Needing this tote.

Loving these Valentine’s Day cards.

Most definitely watching unplugged tonight.

Cataloging cool quotes around town.

And believing this.