Welcome to my little corner of the internet. So glad you’re here.

I’ve spent the last few months working with an amazing web designer and developer to get the Emily Hill Events site up and running. My friend Kerri DiNarda is so talented and such a joy to work with.

So this, where you are reading right now, is the blog. It’s a lot like my old blog but prettier and more event focused. I’m excited to roll out some new features and keep sharing open letters like the one I sent to running. The tag line doesn’t lie, this is where great events come to party. You do not want to miss that.


If you click over here (go ahead and click over, I’ll wait), you’ll be on the EHE main page. Yes, that is a giant photo of me. I’m saying “Hello!”

Learn everything you’d ever want to know about EHE and me in the about section. That’s probably an exaggeration but check it out anyway. I started this business because I was made to do this (I was not kidding about my middle school basement parties being premiere events). More importantly, I really believe that great events should be about people, bringing them together and making them really happy.

Hire Emily Hill Events

Should you need an event planner you can in fact hire me. Check out the services EHE offers and look at a pretty picture of my former clients captured by The Weibners. Soon you’ll be able to see more eye candy in the portfolio section. See what I’ve done there, I’ve given you an excuse to come back soon and often.

Finally, should you want to chat with me (and I know you do) you can do so via the contact page. You can also stalk me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. That’s a lot of stalking for you to do.

Well this concludes our tour. Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope to see you around here regularly. Another giant thank you to Kerri for working tirelessly to capture my vision and also for being so nice about the number of emails I sent to her. And a shout out to my friend Tim who snapped the photos of me (and the cupcake) for the site.

So what do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts on EHE.


I haven’t slept enough in the last 72 hours to eloquently explain Amber and Scott’s wedding. Amish country, a full car, a few nerves (that were mine), a stunning bride and really fun family and friends made for an amazing weekend.

Thanks so much to Amber and Scott for allowing me to put the details of their special day together. I can’t wait to share more when sleep brings words and the real photographers bring legitimate shots. For now, here are some instagrammed photos to hold you over.

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Mary and I were coworkers first. For nearly two years we shared an office. For nearly three more years we worked down the hall from one another. During that time, we learned each other’s preferences and habits. We saw each other stressed out. We were together for early mornings and late nights. We took trips. We helped each other. We saw each other get promoted. We grew to understand the difference between the other’s professional voice and their regular voice. We laughed a lot.

Mary has become much more than a co-worker. She’s often filled the role of therapist, cheerleader, partner in crime, yoga buddy, fellow Twilight enthusiast (we may or may not have taken off part of today to see Breaking Dawn Part 1), confidant and best friend.

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So much rain. A wedding. A conference. Lots of late nights. Early mornings. No less than 5 breakdowns. Another conference. A little bit of crying at work. Two birthday celebrations. A 15 hour trip to Oklahoma. A work trip to Dallas. Yet another conference. Getting ready for two more weddings. More rain.

The last two months have been the busiest I can remember. Now it’s time to unplug. My dear friend Mary is getting married tomorrow and on Monday I’m headed to Mexico to watch my brother and future sister-in-law tie the knot. The next week and a half is about friends and family and love.

I’ll be back next month. November is going to be my jam. I’m excited to bake pumpkin things, blog the heck out of life and tell you all about how I want to be a wedding planner when I grow up.

In the meantime, here are some lost “this weekend” pictures for your viewing pleasure.


I fully intended to post these pictures on Monday afternoon, or Tuesday morning, or Wednesday or even Thursday. Instead they’re going up on Friday. Opps.

Here are some shots of a bridal shower I hosted for my dear friend Mary. Despite the hurricane that brought heavy downpours that afternoon and a poorly timed food preparation schedule that resulted in my roommates hurriedly finishing things up as guests arrived (lesson learned and thanks friends), I was happy with end results.

[The armoire that typically holds our winter coats became the bar]

[I felt it only appropriate to serve bloody marys for Mary]

[Poppa Joe helped construct the Xs and Os during my last trip home]

[I spray painted kraft wrapping paper with chalkboard paint and labeled the goodies]

[And added a little stamp to the napkins which was also used on the invitations]

[Heart shaped cookie cutters from Sweet Estelle’s served as party favors]