Loving this simple way to brighten up party invites.

Wanting to go camping and needing that picnic basket.

Thinking these treat wrappers are adorable.

Needing to throw another baby shower so I have an excuse to make this tablecloth.

Enjoying pink wine.

And the many fun ways to serve bubbly.

Plus this frozen gin + tonic.

Deciding which temporary tattoos to buy (at 50% off!) to celebrate Tattly’s birthday. Wouldn’t they make the cutest party favor?

Moving slowly on the blog this summer but staying busy over here.


FATHER'S DAYIt’s almost dad’s turn to be celebrated. Here’s your Father’s Day party roadmap, which should really be celebrated outside by the pool.

EAT: If your dad is like mine, steak is his meal of choice. If your dad is really like mine, he’ll want to grill it himself.

DRINK: Cold beers displayed neatly.

BAKE: Bourbon pecan pie with chocolate and let’s add some ice cream for good measure.

MAKE: Buckets of candles (citronella preferred) so you can party into the night.

WEAR: A comfy but adorable dress.


This is how you party for Mother's Day. Mommy’s day is coming. Have you sent her a card? I’ll wait while you run to the mailbox. Then let’s get the family together to celebrate. Here’s your Mother’s Day dinner party roadmap (but be sure to personalize it to your mama’s favorites).

EAT: Spicy parmesan shrimp pasta equals all the things my mother truly loves in life (minus me).

DRINK: White wine sangria because why not?

BAKE: Nutella is my mom’s favorite and this salted Nutella buttercream cake looks amazing.

MAKE: Pop some typography mom toppers on said cake.

WEAR: Love these floral print pants which could be dressed up or down.